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Thread: eye black

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    eye black

    What is the black areas called under your eyes  when you don't get enough sleep.

    Also, what is the areas called under one's eyes that is extend thinnly from one end of the eye to the other end. They are like eye shadows. They are something born with

    I hope you can understand. I can't speak English. Maybe you can correct my sentences if you want.

    Thank you

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    Re: eye black

    Colloquially, we refer to the darkening as 'dark circles'. The medical term is the 'Nasojugal Fold'. The dark circle under the eye is actually a shadow created when the lower eyelid skin adheres to the bone of the eye socket.

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    Re: eye black

    Attention: I’m not a teacher


    eye circles = dark circles

    Also known as "bags under the eyes," there are many etiologies to cause this symptom. For instance, by lack of sleep, by deficiency of vitamin K, by heredity and by bruising.

    Sometimes this is hereditary and sometimes allergies can cause this or a lack of sleep. There are products out on the market and make-up tricks to get rid of this. Unfortunately, if it's hereditary in your family it's will be permanent, but you generally can hide them with the proper cosmetics. Go to a good cosmetic salon and let them show you how to conceal them. This goes for men too!



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