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    How to improve my written style?

    Good evening.

    1 month ago I wrote a classwork about the American Dream.
    I thought that I would get a bad mark which has not been the case.
    So in generally I was and I still am very happy. But there is one thing which has been bothering me since this time.
    My "style". I read a lot of books (fantasy, thriller, novels and so on) but my style won't improve and I hate this....

    Is there anything which can improve my style?

    And there is another question I would like to ask you.

    If the subject of a sentence is "everybody" have I to lead on this sentence with "one" or "his"?

    Thanks for your help.

    Ps: Are there any mistakes in my post?

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    Re: How to improve my written style?

    There is only one way to improve and that is constant practice. Post your writings in the forum for Writing and Editing and someone will comment.

    Your question about "everybody" - the pronoun will depend on the context in which you use it, but it is generally regarded as a plural. Can you provide sentences as examples of how you want to use it?

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    Re: How to improve my written style?

    Hey Anglika.
    Thanks for your help. I would like to post more writings in this forum but I do not know about which subjects I could write.
    Do you have any ideas? On the one hand I could post daily a diary entry. But on the other hand this would be too personal.

    To my second question. Especially in our last classwork I had a lot of mistakes base on using "one" or "his". I will edit the sentences later on in this post because I am going to eat something right now :>.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: How to improve my written style?

    Hi Maluues,

    just look for words. Economy, environmental pollution, fashion, music, art, holiday etc.
    You can write anything about a subject depending on what you are interested in.
    We are practising it in our CAE course. Write down something about 'music' in the next 2 minutes ---> brainstorming. Afterwards we have to write an essay (1 page) about the topic.


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