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    Please correct my free type essay(Work in the future)

    My topic is " work in the future". My teacher let us to be free in our essay. She has no explaination for what we have to do. So i express my essay freely. Help me to correct essay. I really try my best to write my essay. If you see something to improve my essay, just tell me. Thanks for helping.
    Work In Future

    My personal dream job is to work in the Information Technology field as a software programmer. Some of those reasons I’ve chosen this career are the high needs in young professionals, high salary to maintain a stable life and the loving of math and science.
    Firstly, When Vietnam entry WTO, there is a shortage of high-grade young professionals to develop software technology in Vietnam. According to Vietnamese newspapers, there is an increase from 30 to 40% in recruiting workers in many kinds of job in 2009, especially in Information Technology’s area about 12%- the biggest number of all kinds of job’s number. The second major reason of choosing this career is a high salary for a happy life. Indeed, the salary to pay for software programming job in IT filed is higher than other jobs. The starting point salary for newcomers is approximately from 3 millions to 4,5 millions Vietnamese dong, about 200 to 300 USD- is an idea salary for young people nowadays. The last reason why I choose this toughest career is because I love to study math and science since I was in high school. As we know that, working on Computer involves many things in math and science. I enjoy working with mathematical exercises and exploring new and fascinating things in science.

    My big goal is how to succeed on my career path including getting job easily in a dynamic environment and moving up in the long run. In order to achieve my first objective, one must is to hold an excellent bachelor’s degree of my major. Because employers from large companies always intend to look for candidates who had good achievements in their student’s life. To achieve the second objective, I need to equip other skills-soft-skills- such as teamwork, communication, solving problem skills and so on. Learning other soft skills will help me to succeed communication at work and to be soon promoted.

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    Re: Please correct my free type essay(Work in the future)

    No one correct this essay for a long time. Please help me to correct it because i need it urgent

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