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    Recent vs. Recently


    Could you tell me the situations where "Recent" and/or "Recently" can be used? Thanks for your time.



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    Re: Recent vs. Recently

    I am not a teacher, but here is my uggestion:

    "Recently, I met one of my old friend after 10 years"


    "I do not remember if I have met with any of my old friend in recent past"

    - Anurag

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    Smile Re: Recent vs. Recently

    Quote Originally Posted by chalven View Post

    Could you tell me the situations where "Recent" and/or "Recently" can be used? Thanks for your time.


    I read a very interesting article on immigrants from Eastern Europe recently.
    She's spoken to me recently.
    There has been some progress in the Polish steel industry in recent years.
    Is this the most recent photograph of yours, ma'am?

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    Re: Recent vs. Recently

    Attention: I’m not a teacher.

    Hi chalven,

    A point of the departure have to be the common knowledge that “recent” is an adjective, and “recently” is an adverb.

    The adjective is a word expressing a quality of a substance. An adjective modify nouns. In a sentence the adjective may be used as an attribute or as a predicative.

    The adverb is a part of speech which expresses some circumstances that attend an action or state, or points out some characteristic future of an action or a quality. An adverb may modify verbs (verbals), words of the category of state, adjectives, and adverbs.

    In recent years there has been a tremendous drive to keep elderly persons in their own homes.
    The latter led to the recent trial on manual diagnostic techniques using role induction which I mentioned earlier.
    Time and financial constraints, as well as a recent rapid increase in student numbers (90 in 1991, 125 in 1992),…
    The recent advances in technology have combined tablets and flat displays to bring input and output together…
    However, recent hardware developments have created a device known as" electronic paper".
    For example a word such as Maastricht, despite the frequency of recent use, exists in few lexicons.
    This situation has undergone a dramatic change in recent years.
    A Recent Non-Destructive Device Very accurate results have been achieved using intrusive, but non-destructive methods.
    During recent times, the main goal of many firms may have been long term survival.

    A comparison of the motor and aircraft industries shows that recently the motor manufacturers have found it easier to apply new concepts.
    This situation has more recently been reversed, and there is now a wide availability of reasonably priced expert system
    Conflicts are resolved by choosing a rule instance which refers to the most recently created quantity.
    Some workers have recently attempted to combine the statistical and the rule-based approaches in hybrid systems with promising results
    Recently there has been a large resurgence of interest in NLP systems based upon corpora.
    Information systems work is frequently carted out by external consultants or people recently recruited from outside, because they have had experience of such work elsewhere.



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