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    I am interester in to research method, strategic management and project management. In fact, I need study and apply to them but I don,t have enough money?
    could you help find sites that learn these freely or cheeper? Is there the sites on the net? I konw I must be studied by own self. but Prefectly, I want to understand these well and solve my problem. Also I am compled to follow a lesson schadule and do some practice even though take an exam. In adidition, I can share my knowledge with each others to opened-mind.

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    Re: guide

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    Re: guide

    Thank you
    for your guide.
    these are very excellent.

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    Re: guide

    First I am not a teacher.

    Nevertheless, I can answer you!

    You can check for a very large collection of project management articles on virtually every single topic. If you're starting from scratch, I would suggest you check the Project Management Process here: Project Management Process - PM Hut . The latter is a comprehensive series of articles, on everything that you should do when you're a Project Manager.

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