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    Is there a rule?

    In Peru lives my family.

    This sentence is not correct it should be:-

    My family lives in Peru.

    But I don't know why it's not correct.

    Is there a rule for where a noun goes in a sentence?


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    Re: Is there a rule?

    Hi Ann, as a general rule it must always be:

    S + verb+ O

    In my days I learned: SPO

    (sujeto, verbo, complemento)

    You CAN invert sometimes and put some objects at the beginning: for example time words, like yesterday etc.

    But you must always conserve the subject before the verb (except the verb to be in questions)

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    Re: Is there a rule?

    Remember that what we say is meant to convey information to another person. You have three pieces of information in your words: the country Peru; an action or state of 'living', and your 'parents'.

    Are you going to tell me about Peru? If so, then that's the most important thing to let me know, 'this is what I am speaking about', and so it would go first.
    But it isn't. You are talking about your parents. So parents should go first. This is the noun, and the verb 'live', which tells us about some action or state of your parents, comes next.. We then add other words that modify the verb or add more information.
    So: my parents +living + and they live in a specific place, in a country called Peru.
    "My parents live in Peru."
    "America seems such a wealthy country. In Peru, where my parents live, most people are poor."
    "To live in Peru these days, with inflation at such record heights, is not easy. It certainly keeps my parents poor."
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