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    break up, break down

    Is the use of 'broke up' correct in the following sentence? Is 'broke up' as good as 'broke down' in such a sentence talking about a negotiation? I always seem to get confused about 'break up' and 'break down'.

    It has been four months since the last negotiation broke up, and according to
    the rules of the Legislative Yuan the amendments may be submitted for a vote. ...

    Could I ask native English teachers to help me? Thank you very much.

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    Re: break up, break down

    Negotiations break down
    Relationships break up.
    Schools break up for the holidays.

    In your sentence, "negotiations broke up' he has confused this with some idea of 'the negotiators broke up and talks ceased' - if this is not some temporary recess, then we would say, 'the negotiations broke down'.

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