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    take action, take actions

    It is wrong to take actions that make the situation worse.
    Congress at long last decided to take action to help itself.

    What's the difference between 'take action' and 'take actions'?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: take action, take actions

    Attention: Iím not a teacher.

    Hi joham,

    Thatís simple enough.

    doing something [uncountable] the process of doing something, especially in order to achieve a particular thing
    The government must take action now to stop the rise in violent crime.
    What do you think is our best course of action?
    They met to discuss a plan of action.

    something done [countable] something that someone does
    quick/swift/prompt action
    Her prompt actions probably saved my life.
    The child could not be held responsible for his actions (=he was too young to be blamed for them).



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