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Thread: correct?

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    could you please tell me whether the highlighted part of the sentence is correct:

    The contractor shall be obliged to perform the work completely, in proper quality and within the periods stipulated in this contract.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: correct?

    I would say: an acceptable standard...

    or a high standard...

    Quality is achieved though good workmanship and use of the right materials. The purpose of a contract such as this is to spell out exactly what is meant by 'proper quality', 'high standard' etc which are rather vague expressions. There is often an industry-standard specification for materials in order to achieve the highest standard of work.

    For example, if a builder were constructing a fence, you might specify '...using pressure-treated water-repellant timber posts size 100 x 100mm, with panels fixed using galvanised nails and aluminium security screws...'

    Hope this is useful.


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    Re: correct?

    "...the work in full, to (agreed) specifications, and within the period as stipulated in this contract.

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