I had posted a previous Cover Letter, and I want to thanks for the great job for correcting it, but I had to change a paragraph in it to match a specific job at another hospital. Can someone pls look at the new paragraph below and help me correct it and let me know if it flows ok? I appreciate any help.

A few of the skills I have developed as a Med/Surge RN are blood transfusion, IV administration, aseptic techniques, wound care, phlebotomy, and safe patient care. While working as an RN, I have experienced the importance of advocating for the patient and acting as an intermediary between family, patient, physician and health care team. In addition to my Med/Surge skills, I have also obtained perinatal knowledge during my senior preceptorship on a high acute Labor and Delivery unit. During my preceptorship, I have had the chance to assist in multiple births, cesarean sections, difficult birth and premature birth.
I hope to continue developing my skills and learning from such an esteemed teaching hospital as ABCHospital.