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  1. efcfanwirral

    a change to my coursework - onto lang and power!

    right then i had a post yesterday asking about comedy language. thankyou very much to casiopea for answering my question!
    but i have checked that particular comedy show and realised there really is not enough material to write a decent essay on. another idea came to me, being a HUGE 24 fan:

    "Investigation into how language in the interactions between two characters when one is superior to the other in the TV show 24 differs from what we would expect."

    now i have a lot of research on this gathered from various sheets and books from last years AS course, but was just wondering if anyone had any advice beyond that on anything specific to look at?
    i will take the advice from the last thread on by emailing a university and asking what advice they have on something to look at.

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    I'm afraid I haven't watched TV in many years, so we'll have to wait for Cas to come through.


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