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    Tips for teaching ESL students needed

    I'm an American teaching English in Belize, Central America. Technically, Belize is an English speaking country - the "official" language of Belize is English, but most students speak something else at home. They either speak Spanish or Belizean Creole. Therefore, the mistakes they make are some of the same ones that ESL students make. I've been searching the internet and see listings of these mistakes and why students make them, but no tips on how to teach students. My students' particular problems are problems with prepositions, articles, pronouns, and tenses. Many times they will write "didn't wanted". Any ideas or suggestions for websites that give teaching ideas or strategies? I'm teaching at a Junior College level (after high school), but even though the "official" language of instruction is English, most students are still making these mistakes. Many of the lower level teachers do not have much education and don't speak or write English with proficiency.


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    Re: Tips for teaching ESL students needed

    How did you get your job? Are there positions available? You can email me, [email protected].


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