Hi all,

I am unsure if this is the correct thread to post this in so bear with me if I made a mistake. My question is, I've been tasked to create a name of a new scheme that my company is intending to implement. Essentially, the scheme is just to dangle a certain monetary amount to interested people to take up a specified job. The scheme's name is something along the lines of Subject __ Scheme where the blank is the word which I have been wrecking my brains over for the past few hours. It has to be of a positive meaning, yet it cannot be too obvious that we are solely using money as an incentive. Words like privlege/award/bonus/specialization/grant have been rejected. Also the word cannot convey the meaning that the applicants are privlege in a sense as we already have a seperate scheme for people who meet certain criteria.

I know this request sounds kind of weird but I'll gladly accept any contribution.
I thank you for your time.