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Thread: bore a life

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    bore a life

    Source information:
    Date(1985-1994) TitleDark dance. Lee, Tanith. London: Warner Books, 1993, pp. 168-335. 4804 s-units.

    Expanded context: delve the reasons of the would-be terminator. Would it be enough to be afraid? No. The dream she had had, lying on the beach and the sea coming in, split open and fire running out of her guts, that would not be enough. Of course, they would not make it simple. It must not be easy. She bore a life . She could not merely flush her body like a toilet bowl. The girl next up from Lyn's friend was discussing food. "A nice cut of steak and fry it up with onions. I could give him that every night. It's no good me saying,

    What is the meaning of 'bore a life' in this context? Thank you very much.

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    Re: bore a life

    To bear a life means to give birth to. So she has had a child.

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