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    put her in the picture

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the mentioned bellow expression in bold comes into common use in your area.

    There certainly isn’t any known allergy to penicillin in Mrs. Dave’s case. Are you going to admit her to the ward?

    I think we should. Patients with the severe form like her can be quit sick. We also need to do some investigations and make sure we’re not missing anything. I’ll phone my SHO and than I can see her again when I get back to the hospital.

    Thanks. I’ll go and put her in the picture and then I’ll organize transport for her admission.

    I think the expression in question is a widened variant of the well-known idiom “in the picture”. In this instance the meaning of the whole expression should to be “tell her about a situation which she (the patient) need to know about.

    For example: Before you go in to see the patient, ask the nurse put you in the picture about her condition.” In this instance the nurse have to inform physician about the patient’s condition.

    I think "Put in the picture" = "Get a message"



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    Re: put her in the picture


    To "put her in the picture" simply means 'to let her know what's happening'. If you think about it literally, the nurse and the doctor know what's happening so they are 'already in the picture'.

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