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    differences between 'in there' and 'there'

    'There' means 'in that place' but I often hear people say 'in there'. What's the difference? Thanks!

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    Re: differences between 'in there' and 'there'

    I'm a Brit, but not a teacher.

    I would say that:
    "there" means, as you say: "In that place/location/area", whereas
    "in there" means physically "inside there" - different meaning.

    Example: You go to Mary's house.
    Someone asks: "Is she there?"
    Whether she is inside or outside the house and you can see her, you say: "Yes, she's there".

    If they ask: "Is she in there?" and she's outside, you can say: "No, she's outside"

    Hope this helps

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