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    Help me please

    I could not organize the sentence in subject verb relationship. That is why I could not translate the sentence. What do you think?

    "It's simply how it is within the precincts of a vast and privileged nation strangely isolated from the rest of the world, even as we export our movies and images and goods to often vexed and ambivalent buyers, as well as those so eager to consume them."

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    Re: Help me please

    I need a regular verbs list but Ican´t found it
    Can you tell where can I found it?

    Thanks, Gabiitha

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    Re: Help me please

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabiitha View Post
    I need a regular verbs list but I can't find one.
    Can you tell where can I find one?

    Thanks, Gabiitha
    English Vocabulary: Regular Verbs List (

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