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    Demostrative Adjectives

    I am helping my 3rd grader with his homework and I need to know what an example of a sentence with a demostrative adjective looks like.

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    Re: Demostrative Adjectives

    Demonstrative Adjectives point out which item, object, person or concept is being referred to, and so always come before the nouns they refer to.

    The demonstrative adjectives are this, that, (plural these, those), yonder (or yon), former, latter; the one—the other, the former—the latter, used to refer to two things which have been already named in a sentence.

    So, any sentence like "These ice creams are.."

    This dog is mine

    Those children are being noisy

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    Re: Demostrative Adjectives

    Demonstrative adjectives are

    this, that (singular)

    these, those (plural)

    This pen (here) is Paul's and that one (overthere) is mine.

    These books (here) are interesting whereas those books (overthere) are boring.

    As you can see, demonstrative adjectives do not only show whether a noun is singular or plural they also show whether it is far from (that / those) or near to (this / these) the speaker.

    You could provide your pupil with excersises (e.g. fill in the gaps)

    As in

    ___________ books (here) are interesting whereas _________ books (overthere) are boring.

    It helps to add overthere and here. You can also use illustrations to facilitate the exercises.

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