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    "Who are you trying to kid?"

    I can't understand this sentence:Who are you trying to kid?
    Here is the context:The mirror was at the top of the stairs. Wall-sized, impossible to avoid. I stood before it in a white tunic belted with a sash. Children dashed everywhere, followed by their moms. The women gave me a look--one I'd endured all my life. Who are you trying to kid? it said. I stared in the mirror. Staring back was a 280-pound lady dressed in a Tae Kwon Do uniform.

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    Re: "Who are you trying to kid?"


    (to) kid can be a verb as well, it means that someone is trying to make fun of someone else, maybe to deceive as a joke.

    MAN: I am the most intelligent man in the world!

    WOMAN: Are you kidding (me)?

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    Re: "Who are you trying to kid?"

    I agree with marciobarbalho.

    Maybe you've heard something like:

    Just kidding.


    Are you kidding?


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