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    give me until tomorrow noon

    Source information:
    . Date(1942/09/07) Title

    Expanded context:
    @@773478 Kill-Joys. In Washington, OPA decided not to put a ceiling over mistletoe.
    Talker. In Marianna, Fla., Mamie Ruth Odum, en route by bus to marry an Air Corps lieutenant in Tampa, met a private who told her: " Give me until tomorrow noon and I'll talk you into marrying me instead. " He did.
    Perfectionist. In Philadelphia, Chester Zygmond was arrested for firing 35 revolver shots at the walls and ceiling of his bedroom, explained he was rehearsing for a suicide. Junction. In Memphis, Andrew Jackson Poulton

    The above comes from CAE. I'd like to know what 'Give me' means and how 'until tomorrow noon' can go with such a short action as 'give'. Does it mean 'Give me 15 hours (for instance) and I'll talk...'?

    Might I ask native English teachers to help me please? Thank you very much.
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    Re: give me until tomorrow noon

    This 'give me' means: let me have the time (and your attention) until tomorrow at noon.

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