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    Question adele's new album

    Can anyone explain to me what "chasing pavements" mean? (maybe "chasing rainbows"?)

    Jeannine Haaksman

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    Re: adele's new album

    to chase rainbows means to waste your time trying to get or achieve something impossible.

    And I found this about "chasing pavements" on the internet:
    - it is about not even having anything to chase... so you are just chasing pavements
    - to keep pursuing something even if you know that to keep following it, you may not get anywhere at all
    - Adele describes ‘Chasing Pavements’ as “It’s me being hopeful for a relationship that’s very much over. The sort of relationship you hate when you’re in it, but miss when you’re not”.

    Hope that helps although I am not a native English speaker.


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