could you correct my grammar and informal style, as well? Thanks a lot for your time, in advance.

Task: This is part of a letter you have received from your English-speaking penfriend.

„I’m so excited! I’ve just won some money in a competition.I can’t decide whether to buy a motorbike or go somewhere on holiday – or should I save the money? What do you think I shold do?“

Here is my answer:

Dear Alex,

Many thanks for your letter - it was really nice to hear from you again.

It’s really good news that you’ve won money. Congratulations! As you know, I’m always spending almost all my money just for fun, so I’m not a right person to give some advice due to spending money in reasonable way. However, I’ll try it.

Firstly, as I know, you wrote me in your last letter, you successfully ha’ve passed your driving tests recently. It sounds logically to buy a motorbike or an unexpensive car. However, you need an petrol and maintance as well. It’s rather expensive, isn’t it. Maybe, it’s not the best idea to buy something like that.

Anyway, you should save money, if you are not sure what you want exactly now. Then you can buy it later, by the time you‘ll have done an exact idea.

Lastly, If I were you I would travel to your dream location. I would really recommend that for you. The flights to interesting destinations are now cheap. The offer is huge and I’m sure, you’ll be able to choose what you want.

Good luck with your choice. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,