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    Use of go down/go up /go over


    Please refer to the following para from a website. I am trying to understand the use of the phrase ‘go down’. Is the author trying to convey some info related to the physical locations of those buildings? I see people using words such as ‘go down’, ‘go over’ interchangeably. Similarly, I get confused with terms such as ‘come up’, ‘come down’, or ‘come over’. Please comment.

    'I made trips to UCLA about the catalog, about the UCLA catalog, at that time, on occasion about other things, and also the Summer Session catalog. I'd go down and confer with the summer sessions administrative assistant or she would come to see me in Berkeley.'



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    Re: Use of go down/go up /go over

    Not really.

    It's a fairly common collocation, generally meaning you have gone from one place to another place.

    Conceptually it might be that the second place is further south or that it is lower down physically, or that it is less important in your mind than the place you have come from.


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