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Thread: plant a beacon

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    plant a beacon


    It's a sentence from a computer game:

    You must be the first team to plant a beacon at each of the control points across the area.

    I don't understand the phrase "plant a beacon?" What does it mean, what is it?


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    Re: plant a beacon

    A beacon is technically a light used to direct or warn or inform someone. In the past beacons were fires lit on high places.

    My interpretation is that you are being asked to put a marker of some kind on each control point.

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    Re: plant a beacon

    Attention: I'm not a teacher.

    Hi Guest2008,

    A beacon is traditionally a fire lit on a hill to attract attention, for example as a warning.

    Distress radiobeacons can be detected and located by satellite triangulation and can be homed by Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft and ground search parties to the location of the persons in distress.

    A beacon light's function is to say "here I am" and even a dim light provides enough contrast against the dark night to serve the purpose. To prevent the dangers caused by a car driving through a pool of light, a beacon light must never shine onto the main road, and not brightly onto the side road.

    ….just follow your objective compass. there's a bright flash of light and you just hold square to place it. Also the npcs are yelling that because they want you to place the beacon. It's so the choppers know where you are so friendly fire doesn't happen.

    I think your doing the bog map in single player... go to the flashing beacon on the side of the side of the map you cant miss it. just follow your compass. when you plant the beacon air support arrives thats why you have to plant the beacon...



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