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    so and such

    how I can explain the difference?

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    Re: so and such

    Hi Izabel, I'm not a teacher so I can't help you properly. But I have a downloaded podcast from BBC which explains it. It's a small 6 min "class" with a foreign studen. I can send it to you by email if you want.


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    Re: so and such

    Welcome to the forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by Izabel Mallouk View Post
    how I can explain the difference?
    predeterminer, determiner
    used before a noun or noun phrase to add emphasis

    It was such a surprise.

    predeterminer, determiner, pronoun
    of a particular or similar type:

    A company such as ours is known for its good treatment of its staff

    as such = in the true or exact meaning of the word or phrase:

    There is no secretary as such, just a typist and receptionist.

    to such a great extent.
    2 extremely; very much.
    to the same extent: he isn’t so bad as you’d think
    4 referring back to something previously mentioned.
    in the way described or demonstrated; thus.

    1 and for this reason; therefore.

    2 (so that) with the result or aim that.
    3 and then.
    4 introducing a question or concluding statement.
    5 in the same way; correspondingly.


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