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    pronunciation of scientific Latin terms

    These words (left) are from a scientific report in English, but they came to English from Latin.
    Please tell me, how should I pronounce these Latin words to be understand by Americans? I tried to write phonetics for these word (right), but I am not sure, please correct me! Thank you!

    Globodera rostochiensis- Glʌbod`i:ra rostokhii:nzis
    Paratylenchus- Pær`ætilenchus
    Rotylenchus- R`ʌtilenkhuz
    Helicotylenchus- Hilikotil`enkhus
    Rhizoctonia- Rizʌkt `ʌnia
    Pythium- P`itiəm
    Phytophtora -Faitoft`ora

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    Re: pronunciation of scientific Latin terms

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