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    Exclamation Help! An confusing account of a past sport event!

    Dear English speakers,

    My assignment was to write about a past event. Basically I would like to let the readers know that three teams from each side had a match in the tug-of-war contest, and three matches in total , men to men, women to women, and children to children, took place. I'm also concerned with my usage of "hosted" in the following paragraph. What I'd like to say is that Mr. Anderson was the judge and he whistled so that the matches began. However, he was also the most respected head of the school. I'm not sure if you get what I'm saying. Could you make corrections to my paragraph and make it a comprehensible one? Please help!!

    After the performances, Mr. Anderson personally hosted a tug of war contest. Three teams, the men, the women and the children, of the Taiwanese Culture Club and their counterparts at the Aki's school were pitted against each other. The purpose of the contest was to promote positive interactions and a sense of harmony among those from Taiwan and the students in Japan.

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    Re: Help! An confusing account of a past sport event!

    If he judged it and controlled it, then he refereed it.

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