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    Please Check my Resume

    Hi, I am applying for a job at a small local computer repair shop. I was wondering if there is any editing that you would recommend, Thanks.
    Matt Davidson
    1 Newland Dr.
    OpenSource, 00--00--00 E2E 100
    Home Phone: 000-0000 Email: [email protected]
    Career Objective: To obtain a position in fixing and working with computers.


    Built Systems and Installed Software
    Customer Service Experience
    Website Development

    Kennebecasis Valley High School (Grade 11 Student) 2004 Present
    Quispamsis, New Brunswick

    Work Experience
    Telegraph Journal, Quispamsis June 2003 Present
    + Carrier, Delivering newspapers to customers Monday through Saturday by 7:00 AM.
    + Responsible for handling money and managing customer subscription accounts.

    For the past 5 years I have built a number of computer systems for friends and family, and have installed the operating systems and related software. I enjoy working on computers and I am always keeping my skills current on the latest technologies.

    Computers (Hardware, Fixing)
    Designing Websites

    Janet McIntyre (Telegraph Journal Customer)
    000-0000 (H)

    Margie Ryan (Former Teacher)
    000-0000 (W)

    Mr. Stackhouse (Telegraph Journal Manager)
    000-0000 (W)

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    Re: Please Check my Resume

    First observation I would make is that "Qualifications" is usually the courses you may have taken, such as a degree in computing, which give you a qualification in something. What you have under this heading should really appear under skills.

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