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    Phrasal verb

    Please, tell me...what verb (maybe phrasal) do you use in situations when chairman is having a speech and then he allows someone else to speak?

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    Re: Phrasal verb

    In English parliment if the speaker is interupted they "give way" to the person to allow them to speak. This seems to be a formal version.

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    Re: Phrasal verb

    'Give way' is used in Parliament, and quite often in other contexts. If the chairman has just introduced the main speaker s/he will often say 'So, without more ado, I'll hand the meeting[/floor/podium/lectern - depending on context] to ...<name>' or just 'I'll leave you in the capable hands of ....<name>'. If the context is a debate, one speaker 'yields/cedes/surrenders the floor to <name>'. But I think 'give way to' is probably the most common.


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