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    YOU might go to a museum to look at old cars or the remains of an ancient civilization . But how about ice cream?
    Believe it or not, there is a museum of ice cream in Iowa in the United States. Visitors can see a video that tells all about the history of the delicious snack.
    It seems that ice cream has been traced back to 200 BC, when the Chinese mixed together ice and milk and sugar. Spending an afternoon looking at ice cream-related exhibits can make you a little hungry. No problem, the site has its own ice cream store, where you can taste some of them.
    In Edinburgh, Scotland, there is a museum of childhood. The museum shows objects related to the lives of children in Scotland, past and present. You would expect toys, dolls, teddy bears and train sets. But there are also exhibits which tell you what it was like to be a kid in Scotland in older times.
    You can hear children chanting their multiplication tables : "Seven sevens are 49, eight sevens are 56." You can also watch documentary movies of the games kids played in Edinburgh in the 1950s, look at the clothes they wore and get to know what their schools were like.
    It would be wonderful to visit the Children's Discovery Museum in Bangkok , Thailand. The museum is divided into sections of nature and environment, technology and kids' activities. In this museum, you get to take part in the exhibits. You can pretend to be a firefighter in a fire truck or surround yourself by a giant soap bubble !

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    Re: Museums

    There's a noodle museum in Japan, I believe. I went to the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons last time I was in London, which has to rank as one of the most stomach-churning experiences of my life.

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    Re: Museums

    The US rules when it comes to weird and wacky museums. Take, for example, the toilet seat museum.

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