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    got / 've got / 've gotten in American English

    Hi teachers

    as far as I know,"gotten" is the past participle of the word "get" in American English. According to the following english usage pattern,past participle is used after "HAVE",

    I 've finished all my assigments already.

    Subject + HAVE + past participle

    I do hear American say both"'ve got" and "'ve gotten" in their conversation,can u pls tell me the correct way to use them in AE?or are their meaning the same?

    And,let say,if u r at a restaurant with 2 other friends,a waiter asks u how many people u have. which of the following is the correct one to reply?and why?

    (1) We've got three.
    (2) We got three.
    (3) We've gotten three. (sounds a little odd to me)
    (4) We have three.

    Thank you!

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    Not (3).

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