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    Is " smiley" an adj?

    That fear was set at rest by the sight of Miss Bruni arriving with her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, in Downing Street, where they were greeted by Gordon and Sarah Brown. Miss Bruni looked so pretty in purple, so vivacious and smiley and approachable.
    Hi, I looked up online Cambridge Dictionary and found " similey" is a noun. So is it grammatically right in the above context?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Is " smiley" an adj?

    I think you found the noun 'simile', which is a figure of speech.

    The word in the sentence is 'smiley', meaning, she was smiling all the time while you were with her - she had a smile on her face all the time.

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    Re: Is " smiley" an adj?

    Hi rainbow402,

    There are a noun- and an adjective- forms of the “smiley”.

    smiley (n) = an emoticon, especially a smiling facial glyph [ ] used to express delight or to indicate humor or irony.

    smiley (adj.) having a cheerful and happy disposition; smiling.

    I remember I had these Smiley boots, which were white vinyl and had Smiley faces on the toes.

    The old yellow smiley badge of the Seventies has been resurrected and a message of harmony.



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    Re: Is " smiley" an adj?

    Davil & Vil

    Thank you very much. I understood.


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