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Thread: For David L

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    For David L

    he is the powerful, smart, agile athlete and great philosopher that we all look up to.

    My question is:

    2-Or, Does powerful and smart apply to (describe) agile athlete only, and hence, great philosopher is another additional issue. YES
    It is the same as,
    He is the powerful, smart, agile athlete we all look up to.
    He is the great philosopher that we all look up to.

    Thank you very much David, but I beleive that the answer would have been so if the sentence was written like this:

    He is the powerful and smart agile-athlete, and great philsopher, that we all look up to.

    I kinda tend to go with the interpretation that the sentence sets a combination of separate(stand alone) adjectives and nouns that describes the he. Not sure though.:

    He is the:
    agile athlete.
    great philosopher.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: For David L

    The two are separate ideas, and the adjectives preceding 'athlete' describe only 'athlete'; and 'great' describes 'philosopher'.

    Note: this is a forum not a chat room. I would prefer you sent me a PM, or added to your original thread, rather than post to me as an individual.


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