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    How do I write a letter of resignation when I retire at 65

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    Re: Mrs

    Depends on how you want to go?

    Happy to be leaving or sad.

    A colleague of mine wrote a letter. "Thanks for the pension - I'm off then"

    Seriously though the tone will depend a lot on you and whether you want to come back in the future or at least leave it open. If not something simple

    Dear Personnel Department

    I am writing to advise that I wish to take retirement from (date), as I will have passed 65 years of age.

    I would like to thank (company) for your support over the last (Xx) years and would like to say I have enjoyed working here during that time. (Here you can thank certain people, which is sometimes nice i.e. - I would like to particular like to thank Mrs Jones my line manager who has been supportive and a friend during my time at (company name).


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