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    Violence movies or Violent movies?


    I saw a banner with this slogan outside a movie rental store:
    "Violent movies can ruin your life. Avoid them like drugs!"

    I am afraid that they have made a mistake in the slogan when
    I thought of the words "Action movies" which people use to describe those movies that mainly consist of action scenes.
    What I see is that the word "Action" in "Action movies" is a noun, so it should be "Violence movies", but not "Violent movies".
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Violence movies or Violent movies?

    It's a good point, but a film with a great deal of violence in it need not be a "violence film" - it could be a Western or a spy thriller or a war film which is violent.

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    Re: Violence movies or Violent movies?

    I think the sign was correct. The term 'violent movie' or 'violent film' is very common in modern English.

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