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    English Phrase

    Can someone please advise if it is:
    Under the blanket of the night or Under the blanket of the day?

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    Re: English Phrase

    Are you referring to an actual, common English expression, or the song lyric?

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    Re: English Phrase

    You might be refering to "under the cover of darkness", which is an expression that means the darkness hides the activity.

    It would really help if we knew where you were trying to fit in the expression and why you felt it appropriate.

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    Re: English Phrase

    The actual phrase is:

    Race down the same 201 meter (1/8mile) track but with decreased visual capacity – Night Sprint.
    Participants have to literally “feel” the track environment and compete under the blanket of the Night.

    Please feel free to correct or make any recommendations. Thanks a million!

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