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    Here is a secenario

    Tom: How about tennis on this Saturday?
    Mary: Sounds good to me,,what time?
    Tom: Um...How about around two?
    Mary: where do we meet?

    Now which of the following replies sound more local and are correct without being sound too "written english" or "FOB"?

    a. not sure yet,anyway,I'll call you before.
    b. not sure yet,anyway,I'll call you beforehand.
    c. not sure yet,anyway,I'll call you before I (come or go?) to pick you up.
    d. not sure yet,anyway,I'll call you before I leave for it.

    or any other suggestions?

    Thank you,teachers.

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    youI think this would be enough:

    not sure yet, anyway, I'll call you

    If you want to add something then 'before I leave' would be fine. Many British Speakers would say 'I'll callyou before'.


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