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    preparing for an important exam

    I have already taken the CAE exam and received an A.Now I am preparing for another exam in English.Would you be so kind as to help with a short task?
    Fill in each gap with only one suitable word:
    1.He had a.......of coughing.
    2.How can I dusting all over me like this?
    3.This money won't make ....for my family.
    I just can't seem to find the answers to complete these sentences.

    To conclude,I wish to reiterate how grateful I am for your help.I am looking forward to hearing any answer.

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    Re: preparing for an important exam

    You can have a FIT or SPELL of coughing.

    It's hard to work WITH someone doing something distracting - is that what "dusting" means?

    When something doesn't make UP for something else, it's not compensation enough. (Getting paid overtime doesn't make up for having to miss your son's football match.)

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    Re: preparing for an important exam

    Anther possible word for #1 is "bout".

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