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    Cool Thanks Rumble past the half-timbered tea room

    Listen to Britain, a famous Jennings's doc when the blitz, is being described in a paragraph telling on blitz images through a surrealist edition and we read:

    "...the Old Bailey has become an ambulance station; thanks rumble past the half-timbered tea-room in a postcard English village."

    Not quite understanding what is in red, maybe because I'm not a Londoner or English at least. What's thanks rumble referring to? And all that passing the half-timbered tea-room in a postcard English village?

    I really have not a clue. Please, can you explain it to me?

    Thank You

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    Re: Thanks Rumble past the half-timbered tea room

    Typo = "tanks rumble past"

    It is describing what it was like in the countryside as well as the city during the Blitz, as the forces were mobilised and moved from place to place, with the tanks going along small village streets in which the houses are made of timber and plaster.

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