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    born in a bottle

    Dear Friends,
    Reading Sean O'Casey's play The Shadow of a Gunman, I came across a phrase, most likely an idiom, "born in a bottle", which I don't quite understand. I just tried to guess the meaning from the context, but I was far from satisfied - drunkards? But this seems to be too straightforward an explanation. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.
    Here is the context:
    GRIGSON: ...But here, Mr Davoren, have a drink, just to show there's no coolness.
    DAVOREN: No, Mr Grigson, it's late now to take anything. ...
    GRIGSON: Sure you won't have a drink?
    DAVOREN: Quite sure - thanks all the same.
    GRIGSON (drinking): Here's the first today! To all true men, even if they were born in a bottle. Here is to King William, to the battle of the Boyne, to the Hobah Black Chapter, ... and to the Orange Lily O ...
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    Re: born in a bottle

    I'm not sure, but I think they might be making refererence to people who get "relaxed" and "frisky" after drinking spirits and then let their hormones take over. Most times, they don't use protection. A baby born of such a union is often referred to as being "born out of a bottle on a Saturday night."

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