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    Address Layout of an Envelope


    I hope someone can help with this query. At work we are having a debate about how an address envelope should be addressed to a company.

    This is the way the a couple of my colleagues say it should be done. I think it looks untidy and more likely to be undelivered as the postcode is obscured.

    Here is the layout:

    Company Name Here
    Address Line 1
    Address Line 2
    Attention: John Smith

    Please comment.

    Thanks, Nick.

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    Re: Address Layout of an Envelope

    Recently, Royal Mail has been updating its addressing standards and recommendations:

    Company Name
    ATTN: John Smith
    address line 1
    RG9 4AJ

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    Re: Address Layout of an Envelope

    It depends on the country's postal requirements and preferences. In the US, the post office prefers that the final line of an address contains only the city, state and zip code. So the "Attention" line now goes at the beginning of the address (in the past it was traditional to place it as shown in your example).

    Usually, a business letter mailed within the US is addressed thusly:
    Mr. John Smith, Vice President
    ABC Company
    123 Sesame Street
    Boston MA 02134

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