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    is this possible?

    is the following sentence possible?

    "Having the curtains washed, she felt tired."

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    Re: is this possible?

    If the intended meaning is that the 'washing' made her 'tired' then the sentence is:
    "Having washed the curtains, she felt tired."

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    Re: is this possible?

    yes, the idea was to use a participle clause but then I thought if there is such a thing as causative + perfect participle .

    I had the curtains wash and I felt tired.
    Having the curtains washed, I felt tired. ?

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    Re: is this possible?

    I had the curtains wash(ed) and I felt tired.

    You know what you mean... but the sentence isn't logical.

    I had (somebody else did the actual washing for you) the curtains washed (at the local laundry). So why are you tired? Why would you say this in the same sentence?

    I took the curtains to the laundry to be washed, and traipsing(=walk or move wearily or reluctantly) all the way there made me tired.

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    Re: is this possible?

    Thanks David for your explanation,
    I know the subjects of both participle clause and main clause must be the same. Still, I came acroos sentences like,

    "Having wanted to fly a helicopter all his life, this wasn't a chance to miss."

    here the subjects are not the same, so I thought a causative within a participle clause would be OK. But I guess I was wrong.


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