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    Question Words with wise?

    Hi teachers!
    How should we write words with "wise" e.g. class wise, subject wise? Are the words used with wise one-word-words or two-word-words?
    Best regards!

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    Re: Words with wise?


    Note that while '-wise' may be used in business 'speak', it is considered inelegant English! It would be considered a one-word adverb.

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    Re: Words with wise?

    Incidentally, if the word was coined a long time ago there's sometimes no hyphen: clockwise generally doesn't, though there may still be dictionaries that give it one. And very formal words, with modified spelling (?), have no hyphen - the only example I can think of is 'contrariwise' (rarely used - maybe coined by Lewis Carrol [no time to check, I'm afraid]).


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