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    Legal English Phrase

    #1 pervert the course of justice
    #2 obstructing the course of justice
    Hi Anyone,

    I wonder whether No.1 and No. 2 are same in legal term? Or which one is more common? Thanks.
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    Re: Legal English Phrase

    They are two separate offences.

    #1 pervert the course of justice
    pervert: alter something from its original/intended course

    In law, there are three forms of this :
    1. when someone fabricates evidence, or the disposal of evidence
    2. if someone intimidates a witness or juror by subjecting them to fear
    3. someone threatens a witness or juror with physical harm, (to self or family)

    Obstruct the course of justice:
    This is hindering the course of justice, as in hiding a criminal, or withholding important information that would help police or the courts.

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    Re: Legal English Phrase

    David L., thank you very much! I got it.

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