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    Post Can you help me? (dialogue correction)

    I had to write a dialogue for my English lesson.
    If you ask me about results I'll answer: they're bad.

    Can you check it, please?
    I'm sure you're masters and you'll cope with it well.

    Subject: which one of these pictures will you choose to print on your T-shirt?
    My teacher told me that's kind of CAE task. I don't believe her. Should I?

    - Let's talk about these pictures! Which one of them would you like to have on your t-shirt?

    - This one with two little bears playing in the water. I think it's pretty nice!

    - Well, you're right. I'm wondering what is the meaning of this picture because the rest of these pictures have some. From my part, it tells us about species that are on the way to die out.

    - If hunters don't stop killing animals, some of them - like these bears - will disappear. Anyway, this problem concerns the whole environment. Destructive human activity leads to the air pollution which grows each year. How we can solve this poser?

    - I guess we can create a website that gathers all the people in the world who want to respire deeply and create with them some kind of appeal. However, that’s not the point of our conversation. Let's focus on this picture as the picture which could be printed on our t-shirts. What do you think about colours of this picture? Do they look good with it?

    - Unfortunately, they don't. Photos printed on the white t-shirt usually don't look good. Besides, the shape of this image doesn't go with the colour of the t-shirt as well. I don't refuse that this picture is really cute, but I wouldn't print it on my top. And what do you think of the rest of these images? Which will you choose on your shirt?

    - Can you see this picture on the top of the right column?

    - Yeah, it draws attention!

    - I'd like to have it on my T-shirt because it's more serious and funny than this one with bears. In the first picture we can observe two smiling trees which are content and cheering, they’re happy about living in the very simple way, without any obstacle. But an intrusion of men destructs everything. In the second picture we can see a man with an axe who’s going to clear more trees than these two. It shows an impertinence and indifference of the human, doesn’t it?

    - Yeah, you're absolutely right. While I'm watching it, I'm changing into a mushroom cloud (quotation from "Pulp Fiction"). It makes me nervous. But what can you tell about colours and the shape of this image? - Well, it harmonizes with a shape of a T-shirt. I can imagine the white top with this picture on it and I do like it! Even though this image made me miserable and ugly likethe Guns of the Navarone (quotation from "Pulp Fiction" as well) I would wear this T-shirt.

    - So, what did we find out? Each picture shows problem which concerns the environment. Little grizzly bears are lovely but trees in the second image would better look with the white shirt. That's why we should choose exactly this picture.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Can you help me? (dialogue correction)

    As I can see there's no one who wants to correct my work. Dommage.
    But I have one question, if it's not too many:

    1. Can I use the word "poser" in an expression "solve a poser"?
    "Poser" is like "puzzle"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Can you help me? (dialogue correction)

    Quote Originally Posted by gortop View Post
    As I can see there's no one who wants to correct my work. Dommage.
    But I have one question, if it's not too many:

    1. Can I use the word "poser" in an expression "solve a poser"?
    "Poser" is like "puzzle"?

    Thank you.
    You are too hasty. We are volunteers and have other things to do. Someone will almost certainly answer at length eventually [it's too late at night now for me to concentrate on a long text], but the answer to this question is "yes".

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