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    help find short texts on holidays

    I'm preparing a unit on holidays for a beginners' class of ESL(they'll just have finished their first year by then). The pupils will have to work in a learning circle, so I'm looking for all kinds of short texts concerning holidays, where to spend them, what to do, how to prepare them etc. The texts will be used for working on tenses (past tense), dialogues, creative writing etc. - So if anybody of you shoud happen to have some such texts, please let me know!

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: help find short texts on holidays

    It is a pleasant surprise that I had such a unit in my book. Here you are but please make some editings because there might be some mistakes: (Click the link below)

    مخزن مركز تحميل مركز تحميل صور مركز تحميل ملفات رفع صور رفع ملفات

    After countdown finishes, please press the bar. The upload site is in Arabic.
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