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    Smile Cloze

    The studies have also shown that time away from families can be detrimental to family life.
    After all, everything from __________ meals to driving kid to and from school is affected
    when one parent goes away on business.
    (a) preparation
    (b) prepared
    (c) preparing
    (d) prepare
    I chose (b), But the answer is (c). I do not why. thx

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    Re: Cloze

    Now I prepare
    Yesterday I prepared
    I am preparing

    a 'prepared meal' is one that was cooked and made ready for eating at a later date. For example, these are the meals that you can buy frozen in supermarkets and grocery stores, in alluminium foil trays inside cardboard boxes.

    'preparing' means the person is actually in the act of cooking or making some food ready to eat

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