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  1. selene04

    comma again

    Is my punctuation correct in the examples?

    1)That is why teaching social skills at schools is crucial.

    2)As a result of such hectic work environment, parents’ negative emotions and attitude towards other people tend to be replicated by their children

    3)Clearly, the goal cannot be achieved by more than one individual

    Do I use a comma after a phrase introducing the author eg. As it is claimed by, According to, Somebody maintains that, it is assured by somebody that etc ??? Please help me

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    Re: comma again

    Your use of commas in the above examples is correct.

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    Re: comma again

    what about the phrases introducing an author quoted such as According to..., As sb claims, In sb's opinion, etc???
    I always have doubts about it :(

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    Re: comma again

    Yes, you should.
    As Barb D says, just because you are not a teacher does not mean you don't have a good grasp of the language.

    According to Barb D, simply being a native speaker does not make you an excellent communictoar.

    BUT: Barb D says that... (with no comma)

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