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    voice instructions

    i don't know the right way to give sound instruction like raise the tv voice
    put mute
    can you help me
    or give me sites which can help

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    Re: voice instructions

    When referring to raising the "TV voice," we'd say "turn up the volume" or "turn up the sound." An abbreviated form is simply to bark at the person holding the remote control: "Turn it up!" (Likewise, if you want the sound lowered, you'd say "Turn it down.")

    If you want the sound muted, you'd ask the person with the remote to "Hit the mute" or "Can you mute it, please?" Example: the television is on very loudly, and the telephone rings. You turn to the person holding the remote control and say "Can you mute it, please, I have to answer the phone."

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    Re: voice instructions

    thank u so much
    that's really help me

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