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    there is and there are, etc.

    Hi, there're my four questions, thanks for your help and I must finsh my work on Prison Break as soon as possible, so hope you can offer me a little help and thank you!

    (Script's from Prison Break 01x05)
    D.B.Cooper -Afternoon, Mr. Scofield.
    Michael -I need to know if there's any way to block a transfer order.
    D.B.Cooper -There's about 50 ways.
    Michael -All right. I'll take the quickest.
    D.B.Cooper -You file a motion for what they call an "interlocutory injunction."
    Michael -How long does that take?
    D.B.Cooper -How fast can you write? A man can claim almost anything violates his constitutional rights. There's environmental issues, allergies, religious requirements, (1.I got question about when we should use "there is", and when we should use "there are"? In this sentence, "environmental issues, allergies, religious requirements", which are plural forms, but why D.B.Cooper says "there is" instead of "there are"? ) take your pick.
    Michael - What if they don't buy it?
    D.B.Cooper -Don't matter. (2.Why D.B.Cooper says "Don't matter" instead of "Doesn't matter"? I mean, what's the things which don't matter? what's the subject of this sentence?) Court's required by law to hear your motion. Until they do, you can't be transferred. Hell, they've been trying to move my tired, gray behind for ten years. (3.I've looked it up in dictionary, but there's only "ass" for noun meaning of behind, so what does "behind" mean in this sentence?) God bless the American legal system.
    Michael -Why do you wanna stay in here so badly?
    D.B.Cooper -Someone here I can't bear to leave behind. (4.The word , bear, does it mean to stand, here?) I guess that means we got something in common.

    Have a nice day!
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    Re: there is and there are, etc.

    Hope someone can take a look my questions.
    Thank you.


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